Raised £510 in one month via CharityCheckout 500% increase on an average month

Tourettes Action

Tourettes Action is the UK’s leading support and research charity for people with Tourette’s Syndrome and their families.

Before signing-up with Charity Checkout, Tourettes Action was collecting donations via their website using PayPal. This meant that they were not accepting regular donations or obtaining Gift Aid declarations from their online donors, a common issue amongst charities using PayPal. This method of online fundraising was not particularly successful, raising around £100 per month for the charity.

In October, Tourettes Action raised £510 via Charity Checkout, less than six weeks after switching to the service. This represents a 500% increase on an average month, 25%of which can be attributed to securing Gift Aid for the first time.

This additional income will allow Tourettes Action to offer additional workshops for up to 60 people, every month.These workshops include activities such as drumming and learning to play the didgeridoo, which have proven to provide relief from ticks. These sessions are primarily designed to offer those with Tourette’s Syndrome and their families the opportunity to meet others with the condition. This provides a relief from isolation and importantly it also allows families to share ideas on managing the condition, for which there is no known medical cure.

Since the recent increase in online giving activity, Tourettes Action has re-evaluated the value of their website as a fundraising tool. The charity now considers this hugely important to them, as they feel that donors should be given an option to give quickly while the thought is with them. The charity’s fundraising team feels methods such as street collections are labour intensive and inefficient compared with online fundraising.

The fact that Charity Checkout carries the Tourettes Action branding is also a key feature for the charity, who believes that a perceived third-party involvement might put off their donors.Since the charity receives no government funding they are particularly keen on maintaining a strong relationship between their brand and their supporters.

Tourettes Action aims to raise over £10,000 via its website this yearand is now actively encouraging donors to donate via their website, rather than by cash or cheque.

What they say:

We have seen a sharp increase in online donations since registering with Charity Checkout. It has proven to be the most stress-free way of raising extra income and is far easier than requesting cash or cheques from our donors.

Suzanne Dobson / CEO, Tourettes Action