Raised over £337k including Gift Aid since joining Charity Checkout

ICC Missions

The aims of ICC Missions are to advance the Christian religion in the UK and elsewhere throughout the world and to assist those in distress arising from poverty and sickness.

Key achievements

  • Reduced cash & cheque receipts by £60k for donations and £80k for events
  • Raised over £337k, including Gift Aid, since joining Charity Checkout.
  • Achieved greater association and supporter loyalty using branded pages

ICC Missions wanted one online payment system which would help them to reduce their traditional receipt of cash and cheques, take membership payments and donations and manage information regarding attendees at their events.

Undertaking extensive research before choosing Charity Checkout has paid off and ICC Missions are very pleased with the results. Charity Checkout’s system opened up real opportunities in the world of online donations and they swiftly achieved their initial goals.

Claiming Gift Aid is now so easy, members can pay and register for different events at the same time and simpler administration has helped to make additional savings too. Extensive use of the custom data fields feature means ICC Missions can capture detailed information about attendees to their events, helping them to manage events more effectively and efficiently.

The Charity Checkout system is intuitive and easy to use for both administrator and donor. The simple payment process takes donors through clearly identified steps so they know exactly where they are in the process. The analytics and statistical information available to a charity on donor behaviour is very useful and access is straightforward too.

What they say:

We’re very happy with how the system has performed and feel we’ve made a great choice. We’ve significantly increased the amount of Gift Aid we can claim which has made a big difference to our income.

Paul Rowden / Company Secretary, ICC Missions