Simple solution helps to increase annual donations by 94%

Football Beyond Borders

Football Beyond Borders uses the power of football as an educational tool to inspire young people to achieve their goals and make their voices heard.

Key achievements

  • Now raises 80% of their donations from regular payments
  • Raised over £8,100 in one month via Charity Checkout
  • Greater association and supporter loyalty using branded pages

Football Beyond Borders presents itself as a digital charity, using video content and other social media platforms to attract its many followers. So online fundraising was a necessary aspect and important part of their persona and growth strategy.

Their aim now is to achieve long term sustainability through ongoing unrestricted funds. Charity Checkout is a big part of the strategy to increase monthly supporters, with digital fundraising promoted via ‘become a monthly supporter’ links in their e-communications.

Football Beyond Borders are very happy with the service and help they receive from Charity Checkout, finding the system easy to understand and use. In particular, Football Beyond Borders like being able to set up multiple campaigns by themselves and the ease of processing Google Analytics for insight.

What they say:

We like the ease of using Charity Checkout for donations, ongoing monthly support and ticket sales. It’s ideal to be able to do everything using the same branded platform which people can associate as being us.

Jack Reynolds / Head of Operations, Football Beyond Borders