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Charities Can Boost Income By Embracing Contactless

Posted by Ida Lucente on 09/08/17 13:25

A number of studies have revealed that street artists and charity collectors can easily increase their takings simply by going contactless. For several years, trends reveal that Brits will often donate a higher amount when they are able to pay it via card or smartphone. Analysis shows that when people pay by cash they are able to give an average donation of £2.34, but this rises £5.47 for an online donation. It therefore simply boosts collections by around 91%.     Because of the boom in popularity of contactless payments, many fundraising charities that are not yet able to accept...

Direct Debit for charities

Posted by James Bainbridge on 09/09/15 14:24

There is no better method of online giving for your charity than Direct Debit. 31% of all donations to UK charities are made via Direct Debit these days, so if this is not something you are offering, here are three reasons why you should start offering Direct Debit as an online giving option... 1. Direct Debits are less likely to fail, never expire and therefore last longer Direct Debits are less likely to fail than a recurring credit/ debit card payment, and more importantly they never expire. This means that the average Direct Debit to your charity can easily last over ten years, whereas recurring credit/ debit...

Top 3 ways to reduce your charity payment gateway costs

Posted by James Bainbridge on 08/09/15 18:31

The issue for many small and medium sized charities is that they do not have the transaction volume required to negotiate a good deal directly with their bank or merchant service provider. This leaves many charities paying through the nose for their payment processing, or worse - deciding not to offer online donations at all. We have compiled three top tips for reducing your charity payment gateway costs: 1. Avoid using a fundraising website for processing donations on your website The difficulty associated with setting-up a merchant account has led to many charities to link their website’s donate button to a fundraising website such...