About us

We’re a 40 strong team (and one adorable dog) who believe in making the world a better place through our relationship-driven fundraising solutions.

£ 55 M+
raised for charity
850 K+
processed donations
4000 +
charity clients

Way back in 2012 when we first started, our goal was to help charities to process online donations more efficiently by taking the hassle out of claiming Gift Aid. Since then, we’ve listened to our community of charity partners and grown our platform to offer more ways to ace online fundraising.

Four people sat at computers making phone calls in a modern office with bright windows.
Back in 2012, there were just a few of us helping charities take donations more effectively online.

For starters, it has never made sense to us that there’s often a middleman involved in fundraising. Every cause is unique, and so it feels odd to have companies try to create a ‘one size fits all’ solution for every charity to use. We aim to support charities large and small alike, and so our platform is fully flexible to give charities of any size the right tools to make their fundraising ideas a reality.

Charities spend a lot of time and money on developing their brand, but it’s rarely used to its full potential. It’d be a waste to go through all that work and not to use it in the fundraising journey, especially when it is proven to boost the value of a donation. That’s why we decided early on that all of our products would be customisable to a charity’s brand.

We know it’s a tough slog for charities to raise money these days, but we believe that our relationship-driven technology can help to turn that around. Whether someone is running a marathon or donating a few quid to a friend’s fundraising page, they just want to feel like they’ve made a difference. Our platform is focused on helping supporters to feel special and valued, so that they continue to support a charity for a long time to come.

We won 'Most Committed Company to the Sector' at the National Fundraising Awards in 2019

We believe that’s why CharityCheckout was awarded ‘Most Committed Company to the Sector’ at the 2019 National Fundraising Awards. To date we’ve raised £55 million for charity and processed 850,000 donations for over 4,000 charities, but that’s just the beginning.

We’ve got big plans for the future, and are working towards a world where all good causes get the attention they deserve. We’d love to support your cause, so please get in touch for a chat about how we can help.